Project MONAI Tutorial


October 8th @ 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PDT time)

Developing for the Medical AI Project Lifecycle with MONAI


MONAI is the Medical Open Network for AI. Project MONAI was created with the goal of accelerating the pace of research and development by providing a common software foundation and a vibrant community for medical imaging deep learning.

MONAI is targeted for both the medical image computing (MIC) and the computer-assisted intervention (CAI) communities. It is an extension to PyTorch that includes specialized deep learning methods for diagnostic radiology, surgical planning, medical robotics, image-guided interventions, and nearly every other aspect of patient care.

MONAI provides a customizable interface to bring components to existing training pipelines or perform end-end training. Its goal is to increase efficiency and collaborations amongst researchers by providing domain-optimized foundational capabilities and standardization around algorithms’ benchmarking, evaluation, and reproducibility. These goals help improve reproducibility by not only being used as a framework for development but comparison, evaluation, and benchmarking by bringing together the community and organically converging on a standard set of best practices.

Learning Goals

After participating in this session, attendees should be able to:


  • Integrate the main components from MONAI Core in your own workflow, including Transforms, Metrics, Losses, Network Architectures, and our new MetaTensor data structure
  • Use MONAI Bundles to help simplify your model development lifecycle throughout MONAI
  • Utilize the MONAI Model Zoo and understand how to contribute a model
  • Understand the new MONAI Federated Learning API
  • Find the latest state-of-the-art techniques, networks, and frameworks for MONAI Core

MONAI Label:

  • Explain the benefits and setup MONAI Label
  • Extend MONAI Label to their own custom application
  • Explain the MONAI Continous Training Loop and Active Learning options

MONAI Deploy:

  • Discuss how MONAI Deploy is bridging the gap from research innovation to clinical production
  • Implement building, verifying, and packaging a deploy-ready AI Application (MAP) using MONAI Deploy App SDK
  • Summarize how MONAI Deploy and the AIDE Platform are being used today


Wenqi Li Photo

Senior Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIA

Lead Architect for MONAI Core

Wenqi Li is a senior applied research scientist at NVIDIA, focusing on computer vision and machine learning techniques for medical image analysis. Wenqi received his Ph.D. in applied computing from The University of Dundee (Scotland, UK) in 2015.

Eric Kerfoot Photo

Software Architect in Medical Engineering, King's College London

MONAI Core Lead Developer

Eric Kerfoot is an experienced research software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in scientific research and scientific software development. Strong professional skilled in Mathematical Modeling, 3D Visualization, Python, Computer Science, Deep Learning, and Data Analysis.

Nic Ma Photo

Post-Doctoral Researcher, DKFZ

Metrics Reloaded Developer

Annika Reinke joined the division of Intelligent Medical Systems at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) to adapt mathematical concepts to societally relevant topics, like scientific benchmarking and validation. Having published disruptive findings on biomedical image analysis challenges in Nature Communications, she is a founding member of the initiative of Biomedical Image Analysis ChallengeS (BIAS) aiming for bringing biomedical image analysis challenges to the next level of quality. She serves as the secretary of the MICCAI special interest group on biomedical challenges and as an active member and taskforce lead of the MONAI working group on evaluation, reproducibility and benchmarking.

Holger Roth Photo

Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA

MONAI Label Co-Creator

Andres is a multidisciplinary machine learning & deep learning researcher with 5+ years of experience developing AI systems for healthcare applications. He is the co-creator of MONAI Label. Currently, a Technical Marketing Engineer at NVIDIA and a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King's College London.

Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi Zephyr Photo

Applied Research Scientist, NVIDIA

MONAI Developer

Dong Yang is a senior applied research scientist at AI-Infra of NVIDIA. He specializes in medical image processing, and is currently working on deep learning methods to solve medical imaging problems, with the goal of improving the effectiveness of clinical workflows.

Selnur Erdal Photo

Technical Director, Center for Augmented Intelligence in Imaging Department of Radiology, Mayo Clinic

MONAI Deploy Group Lead

Dr. Erdal received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University and currently serves as Technical Director for the Center for Augmented Intelligence in Imaging, Department of Radiology at Mayo Clinic.

Vikash Gupta Photo

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic

MONAI Deploy Lead Developer

Vikash Gupta is a data science analyst at the Department of Radiology, Mayo Clinic Florida. He works on building tools for deep learning and radiology. Prior to Mayo Clinic, he worked as a research scientist at The Ohio State University. His research interests and publications include data augmentation techniques for medical imaging, democratizing AI for healthcare, cardiac computed tomography, X-rays, mammography, fracture detection and super resolution for diffusion weighted images.

Michael Zephyr Photo

Developer Evangelist, NVIDIA

MONAI Adoption and Outreach Lead

Michael Zephyr is a developer evangelist on the NVIDIA Clara team and is responsible for helping design the developer experience for all NVIDIA Clara products. He develops and presents content through blog posts, webinars, and conferences that help developers quickly get started. Michael received his master's in computer science specializing in machine learning and interactive intelligence from Georgia Tech University.



  • MONAI Overview


  • MONAI Core Intro
  • MONAI Architecture
  • MONAI Bundles and Model Zoo
  • Hands-on: MONAI Core with MedNIST


  • MONAI Label Overview
  • Demo: 3D Slicer + MONAI Label

MONAI Deploy

  • MONAI Deploy Overview
  • MONAI Deploy App SDK - Operators, Bundles, and MAPs
  • Demo: MONAI Deploy Full Deployment Demo covering standards

Want to learn more about MONAI today?

Below you'll find links to the MONAI Website, Tutorials Repo, GitHub Organization, and Slack Channel where you can start to get involved and contribute today.